The Hitachi brand, with its vast array of products and services, may be difficult to explain in one word.

The industry-leading range of Hitachi construction equipment includes excavators, wheel loaders, dumptrucks, crawler cranes and special application machines.

Its products have been created through extensive research and are developed to contribute to a sustainable society for the next generation.

Middle East Crane, together with Hitachi, is a trendsetter in online applications. Through Hitachi Global e-service customers can consult information on their machines 24/7 online, thus enabling them to manage and monitor their fleet remotely.

Middle East Crane does not only supply new machines, it also modifies them to meet the specific needs of its customers. To do so, we have our own construction department, supported by our own engineering team. Together they stand for substantial modifications needed for very special applications. Years of know-how and experience go hand in hand with new technologies.

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Super Long Fronts - Hitachi
Model Specifications
Operating weight: 33,0 - 34,0 t Hitachi ZX330LC-5G Operating weight: 33,0 - 34,0 t