Hitachi Global E-service

We want to help your business run smoothly. So we developed Global e-Service, an online application that allows you to monitor your machines remotely.

You can use two systems that are part of Global e-Service: Owner’s Site and ConSite, which will give you a valuable insight into your machine’s operation. They are available for Zaxis medium and large crawler excavators, wheeled excavators and a range of ZW wheel loaders.

Monitoring, comparing and analysing the data supplied by Global e-Service, will help you to increase productivity, enhance efficiency, maximise availability and reduce your running costs.

Owner's Site

You can find out all you need to know about your fleet of Hitachi construction machinery in the field from the comfort of your home or office, thanks to Owner’s Site. This online management tool, available at www.globaleservice.com, is user-friendly and offers extensive and detailed information on your Hitachi Zaxis excavators and ZW wheel loaders.

The data is displayed in a flexible layout, so you can create machine groups per job site or select relevant information, depending on your requirements. As every project is different, you can customise the Owner’s Site dashboard to view data quickly and easily


Available in more than 30 local languages, ConSite provides automated data report service of a working record every month in-time via e-mail.
ConSite can detect the urgency of information by using its intelligent filtering system and then report to you immediately.
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