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Hitachi Zero Emission excavator ZE85 - For a clean jobsite

To meet the ever-increasing demand for sustainable and socially responsible business practices, Hitachi, in cooperation with KTEG, launched the ZE85.

Based on the Hitachi ZX85US, the ZE85 offers a run time of four hours in its maximum configuration by which the capacity requirements can be customised with several built-in battery modules. The charging time can be reduced to 35 - 45 minutes when using a CCS2 interface of up to 150 kW to charge the battery system. This means it can be charged during break times on the job site.



Next generation of Zaxis-7 large excavators

Hitachi puts owners and operators in complete control with the next generation of Zaxis-7 large excavators. The new ZX490LCH-7, ZX530LCH-7, ZX690LCH-7 and ZX890LCH-7 Stage-V compliant models have an industry-leading cab with first-class comfort and safety features. Their exceptional reliability, efficiency and productivity provide owners with opportunities to increase profits and reduce costs.



Exceptional transportation in the centre of Monaco

In this film you see how a fully loaded truck maneuvers through downtown Monaco.



Feryn expands its sales to prefabricated garage boxes

Feryn, a well-known supplier and manufacturer of garage doors and awnings, has just started up a new department for the sale and installation of prefabricated garage boxes.



Starfish at work in gigantic wind mill park in Taiwan

In 2018, Jan De Nul, together with Hitachi LTD, won a tender for the construction and installation of 21 wind turbines on the high seas, 10 km from the coastline.



State-of-the-art, ultra-spacious cab in the new Zaxis-7 excavators

The state-of-the-art, ultra-spacious cab in the new Zaxis-7 excavators is the perfect working environment. It offers operators ultimate comfort and quality, with some of the lowest noise levels in the industry – and 20% less vibration than the previous generation.



Organisational changes at Hitachi with a positive impact on Luyckx services

Organisational changes at Hitachi with a positive impact on Luyckx services were announced yesterday by HCME (Hitachi Construction Machinery Europe). The assembly activities of the range of Hitachi machines that Luyckx distributes will stop in the Netherlands and will be left to the factories in Japan, which will have a positive impact on the production time of the machines.



Two HSC Crawler Cranes SCX2800 for Aertssen Machinery Services UAE

Recently 2 new SCX2800A-3 crawler cranes were delivered which contribute to the further expansion of the crane division of Aertssen Machinery Services Middle East.



Jan De Nul deploys three ZX870 Starfish for construction windmill farm in Taiwan

Jan De Nul has deployed three Hitachi ZX870 Starfish excavators to build the foundation of the Taiwanese Changhua Offshore Windmill Farm.

The Changhua Offshore Wind Farm contract was signed with the Consortium Jan De Nul-Hitachi on 30 April 2018. The project entails the manufacturing and installation of 21 5.2MW offshore wind turbines for the Changhua Offshore Wind Farm, off the coast of Fangyuan in Central Western Taiwan,
using the ZX870 Starfish excavators to construct landfalls.

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